My Newest Tiles

Retrovation is a constant process. From time to time you can expect me to pick up my mouse and engage in some more doodling. Now and then check this page for the latest products of my feverish imagination.

The following are tiles I have created for my newest tile set, "Paris". All tiles in the Paris tileset not shown on this page are the same as in the "Normal" Retro tileset (except for the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, not shown on this page and both borrowed from the Maxis CD - these replace Braun Lama Dome and Gas Power, respectively.)

A couple of tiles shown here (e.g. cargo yard) have been around for a while in my other sets, but I include them here because they are used in new places. Thus DOS users will be able to figure out where to put them in order to transform the Retrotile-normal set into the Paris tileset.

A component of the Louvre - aka Arco 1.

Another component of the Louvre - aka Museum.

Les Invalides - aka Fusion Power

Une des plusieurs gares de Paris - aka Rail Station

Sacré Coeur - aka Mayor's House

Station du métro - aka sub station

Guillotine - aka statue (careful, it's sharp)

Square - aka cargo yard

1 tree and also trees 1

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