Sarawak Peoples Campaign

For a number of years the Sarawak Peoples Campaign (or SPC) was a non-profit organization that sought to defend the rights of the indigenous peoples of Sarawak, Malaysia. It supported social justice, and in particular the right of indigenous peoples to preserve their cultures and ancestral lands.

The Penan people of northeastern Sarawak were the principal focus of the SPC. The Penan have been resisting the encroachments of timber companies since 1987, when they set up their first blockades on logging roads. International campaigns have already brought much attention to the plight of the Penan, but continuing pressure is needed to restore their land rights and ensure the survival of the remaining tracts of pristine rain forest.

The SPC is no longer active. However, since a good part of its website contains general information about the Penan and their culture, we have decided to retain as an archive those pages which continue to be of interest.