"Ian's Retro Tiles-Felsen " were specially designed for my city Felsenschloss. You should open them with this city before you start using them for your own cities; otherwise you will not be able to make sense of some of them. This tile set can be used to create a city inside the SimCity 2000 program. However, for the finishing touches you may want to use SCURK and thus control the placement of the military tiles. (Hint: if you build your city in the game program, either refuse the request for a military base, or contrive to get them to give you an army base. If you're stuck with an airbase, some of your military tiles want to keep turning into those anachronistic runways.)

Ian's Retro Tiles-Felsen

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Felsenschloss is the ancestral castle of the Landgraf von Felsenschnauze. For centuries his family has ruled over its obedient subjects from their cliff-top abode, so impregnable that the only way in or out is by montgolfiere (hot-air balloon). But this feudal idyll is now threatened. Von Felsenschnauze's arch-rival, Su Merced el Baron Juanito de Vargas y Toronto, has arrived with his armada and has laid siege to the Landgraf's fiefdom. And he, too, is equipped with the new-fangled montgolfieres....

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