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All my tile sets and cities were created on a Macintosh and are delivered to Macintosh users compressed as .sit files, and to Windows users as .zip files.

You need the program Sim City 2000 to open and view cities. You need the program Sim City Urban Renewal Kit (SCURK) to open, view, and modify tile sets. (For those not familiar with the game, a city is a map with buildings and other objects located on it in particular places. A tile set is a set of the images of all the buildings that are, or can be, located on that map. Put another way, a city is the substance, while a tile set is the appearance. Any given city may look very different if you open it with a different tile set.) You need a (newer) version of Sim City 2000 in order to use customized tile sets such as my retrotiles. If your Sim City program does not give you the option "Load Tile Set", you are out of luck. Please do not ask me to send you either program. You can obtain them inexpensively, in a single package, on e-bay or at amazon.com (It seems Maxis no longer sells them). Make sure you get a version of Sim City 2000 that is bundled with SCURK, such as Sim City 2000 Special Edition for Windows.

"Ian's Retro Tiles-normal " is a complete set of images, that is, it replaces all of the standard SimCity icons. This is the tile set that you should use to "retrovate" your existing cities. It is the set that you should use if you want to play SimCity normally - i.e. without SCURK. Please note that as of Jan 2001 I created an improved version of these tiles, which I have named "Ian's Retro Tiles - normal2001". (And I did some further minor retouching in February of 2006.)

Tip: If you don't like the location of a particular building in a tile set, you can move it. For example, if you don't like the fact that one of my cathedrals is a power tile, and would rather make it one of the special tiles, here's what you do. Open the tile set in SCURK; choose "paint the town"; select the image in question, then copy it; and then paste it into its new position, replacing what is already there. Unfortunately, a solid white background is created in this process, and you will have to open the eraser and erase it manually. A pain, but no way around it.

Ian's Retro Tiles-normal

Download Ian's Retro Tiles-normal2001 for Macintosh(.sit, 300K)

Download Ian's Retro Tiles-normal2001 for Windows (mif.zip, 304K)

GIF pages

Here you can view and download most of the buildings I have created. Each one is presented separately, in a .gif file. If you do not have Sim City 2000 or SCURK, this is the only way to see them (outside of the numerous illustrations in the following web pages, that is.)

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After setting up the above pages I created some more buildings, a few of them pretty cool if I do say so myself.

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Each of the following five pages displays a city and a set of tiles that I have created for it. The first of these cities uses Ian's Retro Tiles-normal2001. Each of the other four has its own set of special tiles. There is a large overlap among these five different sets, but some sets have buildings that do not occur in the others. Also, buildings are often used in different positions depending on which set they are in. Note that all of these five sets were improved to some degree in 2001, and further retouched in 2006.

Soutien Gorge - City

Retropolis - City and Tile Set

Felsenschloss - City and Tile Set

Puntjak Putih - City and Tile Set

Paris - City and Tile Set

Cities from B.S. (Before SCURK). Some nice, some plain weird.

Ghost of Pages Past.

(Do not bother with this link if you are looking for more cities and tiles -- they are all available above. This link is here only because I am too much of a narcissist to allow my purple prose from the past to die a natural death.)

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Like most texts and pictures you find on the Web, my material is protected by copyright laws. My intention is to make my work available for non-commercial, private use. Like many Web authors, I am happy to let you republish or re-post it for free, UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS. Among these are crediting me by name and avoiding any commercial use. You MUST ask and receive my written permission before republishing my material. The only exception I make to this rule is a link to my pages, which may be illustrated with one of my creations without contacting me first (although it would be nice to know about it, so that I could reciprocate with a link to your page). To find out how to contact me go to my home page at www.rimba.com. The re-posting or public distribution of my (or anyone else's) artistic creations without permission is both inconsiderate and illegal.

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