Soutien Gorge

Winding like a sleeping serpent through the mighty Mamelle Mountains, Soutien Gorge is the site of what was once the best run city in Simlandia. Its inhabitants have long enjoyed excellent schooling, good health, and a low crime rate. But alas, Mayor Dolly, lulled into complacency by the weekly parades thrown in her honour, has allowed her cronies to log the unstable slopes overlooking the town. Once surrounded by an unbroken cloak of ancient forest, the environs of Soutien Gorge now look like a tattered leaf. One of these days Goddess is likely to press the "Flood" button a few times, and millions of gallons of muddy water will sluice down the eroding clearcuts and wipe out a thousand-year-old architectural heritage. Soutien Gorge anxiously awaits its saviour, someone who will sweep away the corrupt administration and raise revenue for reforestation.

This city was created in SimCity2000 using Ian's Retro Tiles - normal.

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