Oldies but Mouldies

Here is a selection of superannuated slums, made in those dim antediluvian days before the advent of SCURK. (I'll be adding more from time to time.)

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Chess cities

I'll start with something pretty tame: my home town of Vancouver. In case you don't know, Vancouver is in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is wedged between the mountains of the Coast Range and the Fraser River, and its western shores are lapped by the waters of the Pacific. This city looks good in both standard tiles and my "normal" retro tiles.

Higher resolution view of "Vancouver" (750K)

Download "Vancouver" for Macintosh(sit, 66K)

Download "Vancouver" for Windows(sc2.zip, 49K)

A bustling burg in the midst of universal ocean, Panthalassa is an idyllic place if yachting or diving is your thing. If you're a landlubber with island fever you can take a train to a satellite isle, or even hop a plane - but oops! all the flights are non-stop round trips.

Higher resolution view of "Panthalassa" (900K)

Download "Panthalassa" for Macintosh(sit, 42K)

Download "Panthalassa" for Windows(sc2.zip, 30K)

A parched purgatory hidden in a corner of the Nevada desert, Dune is the quintessence of the American Dream. All its inhabitants have cars, and the Pepsi and Twinkie Mall is only a half-hour drive away on the nearly empty freeway. Despite its spirit of civic boosterism the Chamber of Commerce has been unable to attract a nuclear power plant, so this sleepy suburb must draw all its power from wind generators. Dune looks right only in standard tiles.

Higher resolution view of "Dune" (500K)

Download "Dune" for Macintosh(sit, 25K)

Download "Dune" for Windows(sc2.zip, 17K)

The place: a parallel universe. The year: 3064. The Berlin Wall never fell, and a slice of Karl Marx's homeland enjoys the second socialist millenium. Great works of art and industry grace Mauer, the eastern capital, while the frivolous west sinks every deeper into bourgeois decadence.

Higher resolution view of "Mauer" (800K)

Download "Mauer" for Macintosh(sit, 56K)

Download "Mauer" for Windows(sc2.zip, 40K)

The 30th century is drawing to a close, and the population of SimNation has reached almost five billion. The air is unbreathable, Florida has vanished beneath the waves, and MacDonald's has doubled the price of a BigSoylentGreen. Prophets and doomsayers are thicker than starships over trailer parks. There are strange reports of almond-eyed abductors and nocturnal diddlings. Sales of apple sauce have soared, and just down the street a Roswellian sage is brandishing a splinter of the True Saucer. "The Exodus", he cries, "is at hand."

(Hint: open the game, set it in motion and watch it for a minute or two. You'll be in for a surprise.)

Higher resolution view of "Exodus" (800K)

Download "Exodus" for Macintosh(sit, 59K)

Download "Exodus" for Windows(sc2.zip, 41K)

'Twas a marvel in its day:

Now SCURK doth make it seem mere play.

-- Darth Doggerel (floruit 2540 - 2593)

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